Neurorehabilitation Systems


VELA Activity chair

Activity chairs are an assistive technology for people with altered balance, mobility, power, and endurance serving to increase independence in daily life and to promote the ability to perform a variety of activities of daily living at home.   They are designed to facilitate a functional sitting position, this is to say, a sitting position that provides the necessary support and facilitates performing everyday activities. There is however, a lack of solid knowledge about the effect of using the activity chair at home and a definition of the functional sitting position. The overall purpose of the project is to develop a definition of the functional sitting position and to test whether the activity chair supports it, as well as to study the effect of the use of the activity chair when performing activities of daily living at home.

PI: Erika G. Spaich

PhD Student: Naja Tidemann Jensen

Co-supervisor of PhD Student: Tina Helle (VIA University College)

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