Neurorehabilitation Systems


SIXTHSENSE. EU Horizon 2020

SIXTHSENSE (Smart Integrated eXtreme environmenT Health monitor with Sensory feedback for ENhanced Situation awarEness) is an European Horizon 2020 project that leverages electrotactile stimulation to continually convey this information to the first responder wearing it, through the messages coded in tactile sensation induced by transcutaneous stimuli. SIXTHSENSE is a multidisciplinary innovation and research action with the overall aim of developing a wearable health monitoring system with closed loop tactile biofeedback, that allows first responders in hazardous situations to sense their current health status. It will allow early detection of risk factors that could lead to rapid deterioration of health or operation capabilities of first responders, by leveraging predictive models based on multi modal biosensor data. As a team management tool, it will enable real-time monitoring of all deployed operatives, helping increase team effectiveness and operational safety.

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PI: Strahinja Dosen

VIP: Erika G. Spaich 

PostDoc: Fabricio A. Jure

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