Neurorehabilitation Systems


Soft exoskeleton glove

The Soft Exoskeleton Glove project focuses on a patent-applied method for obtaining close-to-biological hand opening and closing, and its implementation as a soft active hand exoskeleton for assisting hand opening and different types of grasp in people with hand impairments. The flexion and extension of the fingers is performed by mimicking the normal biological human flexion and extension of the fingers by means of a flexion and extension mechanism, based on exo-tendons. The implemented types of grasp are adaptable to the dimensions and weight of the objects, without a priori knowledge of their form, making the exoskeleton useful to perform a wide range of activities of daily living. 

PI: Erika G. Spaich,

VIPs: Strahinja Dosen and Lotte N. S. A. Struijk

PhD Student: Mohammed Hamdy Abdelhafiz

Student helpers: Rebecca Nekou Malihi and Tim Warburg Johansson

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