Neurorehabilitation Systems

Neural Integration of Supplementary Feedback

Natural neural integration of artificial proprioceptive feedback for effortless prosthetic control. DFF Denmark. 2018-2021.

People who are exposed to amputation of, for example, an arm can have it replaced by a prosthesis. Unlike the natural arm, however, the prosthesis arm does not allow for sensory feedback. Sensory feedback is nerve signals from the arm that allow the brain to perceive the position of the arm, hand and fingers without looking at them.These signals are essential for one to perform complex and precise movements with ease, even while one's attention is directed to other things.This project aims to develop a system for replace this sensory feedback by stimulating nerve pathways under the skin electrically or with vibration.Specifically, different ways of delivering the stimulation will be compared based on the degree to which the brain is willing to perceive this new input as sensory feedback.In this way, the optimal way to provide artificial sensory feedback will be identified, which has the potential to provide a significant improvement in prosthetic users' motor control.

PI: Jakob Lund Dideriksen
PhD Student: Shima Gholinezhad

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